“Commissions of Inquiry is now” …Chief Minister informs



 He said as Chairman of the GTT Report, they were able to present to the President a Report which focuses on three key areas, public assets, forensic audits and Governance issues.

He thanked the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Dr. Priscilla Schwartz and the Speaker of Parliament for the leadership they provided in order to see the three instruments are ratified in Parliament. He said that was a demonstration of Democratic consolidation and the progress that the country has made.

He said with the commissions of inquiry now set to start, shows the President is committed to fighting corruption. He said the commissions were about ensuring democratic accountability.

He said the process was not just about holding the out gone administration accountable, but to also hold the current Government accountable. Saying that was important.

The Chief Minister said the President made a promise to the people of this country to fighting corruption. He said the President is committed to ensuring that all corrupt funds, inappropriately converted state funds and public assets must be returned and recover and brought back to Sierra Leone to make sure that they are used to pay for social service delivery and to support the free quality education.

He said the Government needed those monies due to the fact that the monies and properties belong to the people of this country.

He said the Government was ready to use international instruments to support the process. He said they were going to use World Bank stolen asset recovery program. Stating that, this will help in tracing some of the stolen assets out of the country.

The second framework he said was the UK Government serious fraud office. He said the UK passed the criminal appropriation bill on the 27th of April 2017. He said the President office and the Attorney General shall soon send a delegation to the United Kingdom in order to ask the British Government to support the Sierra Leone Government in recovering all stolen assets. He said they are using the international dimension in order to make the process very transparent and to kick the idea of ‘witch hunt’.

He encouraged the Journalists to fully support the process but caution them to be very professional in executing their jobs.