Chiefdom calls for road construction


Nieni Chiefdom is the largest chiefdom in the Koinadugu district. A resident in the densely populated chiefdom, Kemso Marah highlighted the lack of major basic amenities in the chiefdom for which he pointed at the poor road network as the paramount factor responsible the backwardness of their chiefdom.

“this is the most remote chiefdom in the whole of Koinadugu District we lack four major amenities in this chiefdom, one is poor road network, two is health, three is communication and four is education, but all this happens as a result of the poor road network leading to their chiefdom.” Kemso Marah stated.

Paramount Chief, Foday Alimamy Jalloh, stated that the poor road network had been a challenge that have been causing serious obstacle to every developmental project in his chiefdom, and that if the roads are constructed the chiefdom will be able to attract lots of development project.

“Although, we are hoping that the road construction will commence soon, because even the president himself has visited us and see the emergence for the construction of road in my chiefdom.” Foday Jalloh said.

A nurse at the health clinic, Zainab Koroma said there are shortages of drugs at the Kumala Health Centre, and that she had not received supply for three months on going, and she blamed the poor road network being the responsible factor of the chiefdom’s health facility  challenges.