Chief Minister More Resolute Than Ever



To those who are on the destructive path against Professor David Francis, let it be known that absolutely no amount of intimidation or hostility will affect our anti-corruption agenda.

Professor Francis has spent decades on anti-graft reform programs in the academia, other governments, and international organizations.

“Your malicious allegations and media attacks to smear the clean image of the Honourable Chief Minister will never affect him,” an anti-corruption expert states.

In fact, the Honourable Chief Minister has now become more resolute and unstoppable because he has the full support of President Bio and the international community.

To our comrades who are on this destructive path and are working against our collective national interest, we know who you are, we know where you are, we know what you want, and if you persist, you will be exposed and face the full consequences of your anti-nationalistic, unproductive, and destructive effort. This is the New Direction, not the same direction. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!