CGG Holds Dialogue Sessions on GEWE



The dialogue sessions took place at the Council of Churches in Sierra Leone Conference Hall on Monday 9 December 2019.

Speaking during the sessions project officer of CGG, Amasars Jalloh, said the policy was the second phase encountered with stakeholders, adding that such a session geared towards popularizing the GEWE policy.

He said CGG creates the open space for different voices to make their input and contributes on national developments.

The project coordinator said the goal of the project was to ensure that women and girls are inclusive when it comes to decision- making and gender sensitivity at community as well as national level.

Program Manager Sahr Kendema CGG said the first Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (GEWE) policy was drafted in 2014.

 The Program Manager said the new administration, emerging, national, regional and global issues and concerns have necessitated a dialogue sessions on GEWE in order for communities to get a first -hand knowledge.

 He said key priorities of the Government include access to free and quality education, job creation, women and youth development and healthcare.  Kendema said the ministry and partners have seen it necessary to develop the GEWE Policy as a lawful reference point for addressing gender inequalities by all stakeholders at national and community levels throughout the country.

 He said the policy would ensure gender perspective is considered in national development plans, sectorial policies and strategies supported by monitoring.

 He said the policy took cognizance of gender responsive budgeting in the public and in private sectors.

The Programe Manager  said the GEWE  Policy  urged  the President  of Sierra Leone  to take full leadership for gender equality  and women empowerment  by outlining key steps that could be taken at the highest level of  government to ensure  the fundamental  principles  of gender equality incorporated into the  GEWE Policy.