AYV Wins Broadcast Rights for Vickie Remoe Show



Combined with AYV TV’s Big Brother Housemates – Sierra Leone which debuts in February, the acquisition of the Vickie Remoe Show solidifies AYV’s position as the pre-eminent broadcast platform for Sierra Leoneans in the 18-45 demographic.

The Vickie Remoe Show will air on AYV Channel 34 every Tuesday at 8 pm with a repeat broadcast on Channel 33 every Friday at 7 pm from January 15 – March 19.

When the Vickie Remoe Show was launched in 2008 on the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service (SLBS), it was groundbreaking.

Host and Executive Producer Vickie Remoe was the first woman to independently produce content for the SLBS (now SLBC).

Remoe heralded a new age for talk shows and entertainment in Sierra Leone. The last season of the Vickie Remoe Show was broadcast in 2011 when Remoe gained admissions to the prestigious School of Journalism at Columbia University in New York. Remoe graduated in 2012 with a Masters of Science in Broadcast Journalism. The rebooted season of the Vickie Remoe Show has ten episodes. Viewers can expect high quality, content-rich educational travel, and business stories that feature West Africa’s gems.

“Gems are those people, places, and brands that affirm our faith in the African dream,” said Remoe. The new season of VRS is a creative collaboration by filmmakers in Freetown and Accra, of content shot on location in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Remoe has been honing her skills as lead creative for her start-up marketing agency, VRC Marketing, over the past six years.

Season five of the Vickie Remoe Show is the best yet. Since its launch in August 2015, AYV TV has continued to expand the news and entertainment options available to Sierra Leoneans, having created a platform for young journalists and content creators to lead traditional and new digital media outlets across the nation.

Beyond this AYV ensures that viewers in the Diaspora have unlimited access to breaking news from Sierra Leone via the AYV Mobile APP.

In 2018 AYV broke new ground with its award-winning coverage of the March Presidential Elections, Big Sister Salone, and the Big Brother Housemates franchise.

“We are delighted to welcome the Vickie Remoe Show to our growing line-up of premium content for AYV viewers at home and abroad,” said Mr. Anthony Navo, Chief Executive of AYV Media Empire. “African Young Voices is more than just our name. It is a commitment to Sierra Leone’s youth that they will always have a place to show their talent at AYV TV, AYV Newspaper, AYV radio, and AYV digital and Ms. Remoe is a true pioneer for broadcast and digital, and we are delighted that she has come home to AYV TV. We are the ideal platform to connect with a mass Sierra Leonean audience. Viewers choose AYV because of the breadth of our selection and richness of our experience. We will continue to provide Sierra Leoneans with breaking news and premium entertainment content on AYV Channels 34 and 33 because AYV: Na In Salone Sabi,” the CEO maintained.