AYV Staff Set for Paris Youth Forum



Young entrepreneurs will have the chance to pitch their very own business projects related to the event theme, with the winner receiving Youth Time’s Idea Grant to realize their idea!

With the world facing a plethora of social and environmental challenges, the practice of impact investing has become something of a trend in the past decade. In fact, such investments are now beginning to question the archaic notion that global issues can be tackled only through philanthropic contributions, with market investments focusing exclusively on monetary gain.

This new emerging form of investment comes with a promise to bring out the best of the nonprofit and for-profit systems, combining them to yield positive social and environmental impact in addition to tidy financial returns. It appears to be a win-win formula and as the call for addressing global problems and reaching sustainable development goals amplifies, so do the opportunities for both investors and innovators. Participants will have the opportunity to meet with likeminded people from every continent in the world. From the Canada to Australia, South Africa, Sierra Leone to our host nation France, young people from all corners of the globe will have the chance to network with one another, in addition to making contacts with experts in the fields of business, education, technology and other fields related to the overall theme of the event. Youth Time International Movement is proud to have created an environment whereby youth from all different cultures and backgrounds have formed long-lasting friendships.

The author is Ransford Lube-Metzger, Reporter, Presenter and Producer at AYV Media Empire