As South-East Hails APC For ‘Wata’… North Says Yumkella is Their Redeemer!


This Madam N’boli Kamara, who is commonly called ‘SLPP Mama nar Lungi’ said he did not do in the interest of the people who voted him because he was the SLPP candidate then.

Madam Kamara went on to affirm that the defected Councillor went alone to APC “…. na die go pull we nar SLPP” Madam Kamara maintained emphasizing further that the Councillor met them in the SLPP and he will not be their reason for leaving the party.

She said if the Councillor was indeed genuine with the party, he should have consolidated efforts to finding solutions to the party’s challenges instead of joining APC.

“We are also unhappy with the current state of our party” the SLPP Mama confessed.

She went on to reveal that is why they have chosen to support a new Man but well experienced administrator in the person of Dr. Yumkella to save the party from selfish individuals whom she accused
of distorting the party’s UNITY ideology.

She said with Dr. Yumkella the party would once again be together and stronger enough to defeat the APC in the 2018 parliamentary and Presidential elections of Sierra Leone.