APC Sweeps Koinadugu and Falaba Districts


From Sambaia to Folo Saba Kamba to Diang and Neni Chiefdoms in the Tonkolili, Falaba and Koinadugu districts north of the country, thousands of locals poured out to register their unflinching support to a son of the land and what he stands for in the current political landscape.

At Gbentu, a border town to neighboring Guinea with a population distribution among Fullas, Korankos and Yalunkas, Paramount Chiefs, Section Chiefs, Youth groups and cattle rearers heartily embraced the Chairman and appealed to him to continue his good works for the people, such the provision of telecommunications in that part of the country.

Chairman Konte readily donated hundred million Leones towards the construction of a secondary school at Gbentu amidst thunderous applause by the crowds.

At Alikalia in the Neni Chiefdom called “Koranko London”, Chairman Konte received a kind of red-carpet welcome when aged women actually took off their wrappers and spread them on the road at a distance of about 300 meters leading to court Barry.

 Chief after Chief applauded the Chairman for his diverse generous interventions in all parts of the district, following the footsteps of his late father. One of the Chiefs disclosed that “had it not been for Momoh’s father Alikalia would not enjoy a court barry today”.

Responding, Chairman Konte provided support towards the development of education in the chiefdom and also promised internet connectivity through Orange.