APC deceives NPRC victims!



These victims received assurance ahead of the 2012 general elections that the people who killed Bambay Kamara and others would face the full force of the law if the APC party wins the elections.

This promise forced most of these victims to practically campaign for the victory of the APC in their desperation for justice.

Three years down the line, nothing is being done in that direction and the victims now believe they were deceived by the APC.

More disturbing for the victims is the fact that the very people that constituted the NPRC junta are now holding senior positions in the government.

An aggrieved victim, who we will rather not name, disclosed to AYV that she was so disappointed that the APC could treat them this way when the fact remains that their parents were brutally murdered because of their association with the very APC.

She said they even risked their life during elections to campaign against Maada Bio who is believed to have played a leading role in the extra-judicial murder of their parents.

“They promised us faithfully that if we stop Bio from winning the election they will set up an inquest to give us justice; but it would now seem that the president is compromising with the suspected culprits; see the way they have embraced Strasser and others” she disclosed with tears felling off her eyes.

Efforts to get government reaction on this proved unsuccessful but we stand willing to publish their own side as and when we get it.