Amb. Fadika Comes Home!



Thanks to the Commonwealth Africa Initiative and the entire Commonwealth family for the opportunity presented to serve my people—the confidence and leadership entrusted in me to champion the cause of Africa in the Commonwealth and across the world.

As I was leaving London Heathrow Airport to Freetown, I was greeted by a young man who had benefited from my service to humanity. I did not recognise him or remember that I had supported him. He told me that he was a beneficiary of my scholarship programme. This grateful young man is now living in the United Kingdom, with his family and doing very well.


There is so much joy in meeting someone you had supported, acknowledging your efforts with gratitude. This happens to me most times—meeting people whose lives were transformed by my little efforts. Thank you God for helping me and for being able to help my people. Let’s continue to do good and help the needy in our society. My main focus is education, education, education, jobs, jobs, jobs…eradication of extreme poverty in Sierra Leone, as I was bidding farewell to my amazing team.