Alleged robber remanded


According to the charge sheet the accused allegedly, with his cohorts, robbed the complainant of assorted items such as  hand bag, one Samsung galaxy mobile phone, black purse, one Samsung mobile phone, six hundred thousand leones, a physical cash of six hundred thousand leones,  all to the value of one million, five  hundred and twenty five thousand leones.

In her testimony before Justice Sesay the complainant recalled that she recognized the accused on the night of the incident, and recalled the incident of 13 June 2015, stating that on the above mentioned date, the accused person together with his accomplices, robbed her along the road leading to and from her residence, at Old Railway Compound, in the early hours of the said date.

She explained that when the accused person and his accomplices physically attacked her, they forced her to the ground, before carting away with her personal belongings.

The witness also disclosed that while she was wrestling with the accused with his accomplices, a certain man whose name she could not recalled was observing the whole scenario, adding that after the accused and partners in crime had ran away, the said man approached, and told her that he knew the accused in the dock, and that he would assist her, in getting the accused in the dock under arrest.

According to the witness, she later reported the matter at the Ross Road Police Division, where a police medical request form was issued to her for medical examination and treatment, noting that two days after the incident, she was asked by the police officers at the Ross Road Police Division to come to the station, and identified the accused person in the dock, which she did.

At this concluding stage of proceedings, counsel representing the accused, O C Spencer Coker from the Legal Aid Board, requested for an adjournment, in order to enable her prepared well, and cross examined the complainant on the next adjourned date.

The State was represented by J A K Sesay, E Y Mannah, E T Jalloh and Y I Sesay and justice Monfred Sesay adjourned the matter to Tuesday 25 April 2017.