Alie Kabba Sells Sierra Leone in Texas



He further said the rest of the world respects Sierra Leone today, and that, “we don’t have to make any excuses in the world”.

He was speaking at the recent inauguration ceremony of newly-elected executives of the Sierra Leone People’s Party North America branch in Dallas, Texas, United States of America.

Speaking in his capacity as Keynote Speaker, he reminded his audience that the party is in governance because they were entrusted by the people of Sierra Leone with the task of delivering key priorities and to implement the commitment made in the people’s manifesto.

“At the heart of the New Direction is a clarion call to lift people out of poverty, to restructure our society, invest in human capital development and to give every child access to quality education. If we need to transfer wealth from the few to the majority, especially investing in healthcare, education, tourism, and infrastructure, above all good returns on the mining sector, that requires firm leadership”. What President Julius Maada Bio has provided is that firm leadership, he maintained.

He went on to say that the New Direction is the right direction, which is also acknowledged by the International Community. He reiterated that government is making sure that Sierra Leone is a better place for all and that the New Direction is laying the foundation for the country to become a middle economy country by 2028.

Speaking to the new executive members, Dr. Kabba SLPP admonished them to have a strong leadership as some of the brains in Sierra Leone come from the SLPPNA region. He emphasized that consistency, working together and including everyone, will bring victory to the party again in 2023. “If there is a referendum today, the people will vote again for the leadership of President Julius Maada Bio,” the UN Representative opined.