AJLC Brings Smile On The Youths And Residents Of Kabala


It could be recalled that on Tuesday the 16th of August 2016, angry youths took to the streets to protest against the relocation of the proposed youth village from Koinadugu District to Tonkolili District. This protest resulted into the shooting dead of two protesters. Whilst others were seriously injured and admitted, and 29 were arrested and made their first appearances before Magistrate Peter Gogra of the Kabala Magistrate Court on Monday the 22nd of August 2016.

Initially, most people viewed the matter as a political witch hunt. Thus, answering the question what triggered AJLC to give free legal advice and representation to all the accused persons, the Director of AJLC, Lawyer Chernor MB Jalloh stated that AJLC is a Justice and Peace and Human Rights Commission’s public Law organisation working to promote access to Justice for the Poor in Provincial Communities through research, advocacy, community legal education, legal advice and representation to women, children and youths in police stations and courts. Lawyer Jalloh went on to say that there were challenges experienced with his team of Paralegals and Barristers during the initial stage of the matter, but thankfully, he continued, they were able to overcome them.

The District Youth Chairman, Mohamed Jimmy Marah, is now ecstatic for having been acquitted and discharged. He said that during their detention in the police cells on Thursday the 18th of August, 2016, a team of Paralegals and Barristers headed by Lawyer Lahai Kamara, identified themselves as staff of AJLC, and thereafter took statements from, but that they never knew they would be represented in Court because of the seriousness of the matter. He added by saying that they became amazed when they saw AJLC’s team of Barristers on the first day of arraignment before Magistrate Peter Gogra of the Kabala Magistrate Court. He confirmed to this press that AJLC did not take anything as a payment or consideration from either them or their family members. He ended by saying that 29 0f them were arrested and charged to court. But that because of the intervention of AJLC in court, 15 were discharged on their first appearance, whilst 14 of them were left in the hands of AJLC until they were acquitted and discharged on the Monday the 9th of January 2017.

On her part, the Miss Koinadugu 2016, who represented her District in the Miss Sierra Leone Beauty Pageant 2016, Agnes Saio Mansaray, said that she has been monitoring the proceedings and activities of AJLC in this case, and that with profound gratitude, she admired and thanked Lawyer Jalloh, the Director of AJLC for having used his own money and resources in this matter for the past five months. She went on to say that her experience in this case has confirmed that authentic social peace and respect for Human Rights can only be found in a free and fair justice system. She continued by saying that the youths of Kabala should be fully ready to respect the Rule of Law and be mindful of the fact that the future of their Koinadugu District requires a distinctive youthful life with objectivism. She ended by saying that it is a scourge of disappointment for the demise of those potential youths of Koinnadugu District. But nevertheless, she expressed encouragement to their families to take heart, and may their souls rest in perfect peace.

 It is evident that Koinadugu District is the most deprived district in Sierra Leone, with the highest concentration of household poverty, illiteracy, youth unemployment, and childhood mortality.