Ajisafe pleads guilty to lies & begs for Mercy


Whilst a school of thought is of the opinion that the apology should be accepted, a section of the public is arguing that the culprit did not retract his dangerous message in its entirety and that the apology was not sincere.

The latter believes that the written apology was done under duress and is yet to attract the same prominence as his hate message which was done verbally.

According to Ajisafe, he has now discovered that the Mufti never declared Sierra Leone as an Islamic country; that the symbol of Islam is not a sword; that former President Kabbah did not join Sierra Leone to the OIC, that he misrepresented the religious history of Sierra Leone, as opposed to his initial claims made on his public sermon of September 25.

It is being argued that that he failed to clarify his earlier claim that all terrorist attacks across the world are committed by Muslims, and that the Mufti is a false prophet.

Another school of thought is even claiming that the open letter was not authored by Ajisafe but was just a desperate attempt by the authorities to restore calm.

The public is also calling on the authorities to allow the law to take it cause even after his apology so that others don’t take advantage of this in the future to commit a criminal offence and apologise to get their freedom on religious grounds.