Africell Celebrates America’s Independence Anniversary



Africell’s Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Mr. Joe Abass Bangura said apart from the fact that Africell is owned by American Citizens, the company’s relationship with the US Embassy in Freetown goes back since the founding of the company some 15 years ago.

Mr. Bangura added that Africell has since been a key partner in the Embassy’s economic and cultural activities in the country.

He also said that in 2013, they partnered with the Embassy to launch the Africell/American Corner, the most outstanding of American spaces in the country; providing especially the young people in Sierra Leone, opportunities for all kinds of educational research both online and offline.

He maintained that their conference facilities are provided free of charge for educational purposes, and is constantly busy hosting events around Gender issues, Girls Empowerment, Education, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Hygiene, Science etc.

“To date, the Africell American Corner has played host to 63,048 visitors, 306 events and 12,149 events attendees…Africell is indeed proud to be a partner of the US Embassy in Freetown…

Africell is also a founding member and member of the Board of the American Business Council, whose core objective is promoting American Businesses in Sierra Leone”, the Africell Corporate Affairs Officer noted.

Mr. Bangura further explained that the story of the United States of America is an inspiration that drives Africell and indeed the Nation, Sierra Leone.