ACC Indicts New Direction Officials



Following the MIC’s decision to undertake a nationwide sensitization campaign on the Commission of Inquiry, the Acting Director of Information of the MIC, Mr. King, accordingly requested and received the sum of Le206,000,000/00 (Two Hundred and Six Million Leones) on 28th December, 2018, for the said purpose. After cashing the said sum, Mr. King became unavailable until an alarm was raised by officials of the Ministry.

The investigations also discovered that between 28th December 2018 and 20th January 2019, Sorieba Kamara, Senior Accountant, who prepared the cheque in the name of Edward King, later received from Mr. King the sum of LE115,500,000/00 (ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN MILLION, FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND LEONES).MR KAMARA thendisbursed and appliedpart of the said amount for purposes other than what it was meant for and could not account for the rest. Both men will appear in the High Court of Sierra Leone, Holden in Freetown, on 5th February 2019.

In this regard, the Commission wishes to advise all public officers who are in control of public resources to comply with laid down laws and procedures in the handling and disbursement of same. Public Officers are further advised to desist from applying public resources for private purposes and gains. The Commission shall prosecute anyone found wanting.