ACC Eyes Drugs’ Management



The report was presented on Wednesday 30th January, 2019 to the Deputy Minister of Health and Sanitation, Dr. Anthony Augustine Sandi by ACC Commissioner, Ben Kaifala at the conference room in the Ministry of Finance, George Street in Freetown.

According to ACC Head of Unit, Samuel Marah, in the Systems Processing Review Department, he informed the press that it is mandatory in the ACC Act of 2008 for them to examine the practices of public bodies in order to discover any corrupt practices or acts of corruption and to secure proper revision of those practices and procedures which in the opinion of the Commission, may lead to or be a conduit or serve as catalyst to corruption or corrupt practices.

Mr. Marah also said it is the ACC mandate to advice and assist any person, authority, public body or private sector institution on charges in fees for practices and procedures. He further explained that the department or agency responsible for the management of drugs and other government facilities shall, not later than three months upon receiving the report from the Commission, act on the recommendations.

The Head of Units noted that, the primary focus of review is the storage and distribution aspect of the drugs management cycle from 2015-2018. He noted further that: “best practices on drugs’ management from the sub-region and other parts of the developing world were also considered before taking this action,” he maintained.