There is no time to shed more light on this more time thing which is complete fallacy.

Maybe the young people should just focus on ways to find the much needed solutions to better-off this motherland.

Laws and policies alone will not serve as a magic bullet, if they are not put into action for young people.

With skills development for young people, the notion of dependency can be changed virtually.

The time to create the enabling environment and better opportunities for young people is now.

Apparently, these young people are exactly the constituency required to drive progress and build a more inclusive and vibrant Sierra Leone.

The focal point should be self-reliant at all cost and not deceptive and praise singing campaign.

How much of a difference would it make if politicians continue to talk about youth empowerment programmes without putting them into action.

If wishes were horses, they need the leeway to come into the fore with aspirations to contribute towards national and sustainable development.

They are in constant search of victory, inspite of the manifold challenges they have been through to halt violent conduct amongst themselves.

Their present situation is sad with an absolute unhappy commentary of a daily routine.

Young people with bright ideas derange due to pitfall conditions.

When you are silent about the shortcomings of society, it adversely wrecks the entire country at some point.

The government should create more avenues that will take the minds of young people away from violence.

Sierra Leone needs politicians who can transform the lives of young people and enhance their standards of living.

Political parties that crave to come to power always do so with an agenda crafted in an elaborate campaign promise otherwise referred to as manifesto, with deceptive packages to crave the indulgence of young people to vote for them.

These politicians must be informed in clear terms that they cannot continue to deceive young people; so they should watch their words and make realistic promises to the youths of this country.

Sierra Leone is a rich country endowed with numerous natural and human resources, it is one of the luckiest countries in the world in terms of opportunities, yet poverty remains unacceptably high among young people.