5 Counts charge for marine regulator


Led in evidence by Lawyer S.A S Kanyako, the Plaintiff told the court that, she recognized accused, and they all residing in the same compound, at 6 Steward Street, off Kroo Town road, in the west part of Freetown.

She further explained that, recalled the incident of 20, November 2016, and on the said date, she   went in search of her fowl in the same compound, and in the process,  she peeped  at  accused  veranda , but could not found her fowl.

According to the Plaintiff, she then went on with the search, and while returning to her room, after searching in vain,   she heard accused called her daughter, Kalaytu, instructed her to look in the veranda.

The Plaintiff, Ester Dixon further informed the court that, few minutes later, she heard accused insulting, using very nasty abusive and intimidating languages, and calling a her bastard and witch craft and also accusing her of placing “Sebeh” a locally concocted stuff in her veranda, stating that, she felt bad and left the compound on the advice of elders in the compound, who witnessed the whole scenario.

she said, when her daughter, Dora Lisk returned from work in the evening, she explained what had transpired between her and accused, and told her to do away with the fowl, as it was the crux of the whole palaver, noting that accused was in the habit of exhibiting clique behaviour and insult her regularly, to the annoyance of other tenants.

At this stage, Counsel for accused, J. Jengo pleaded with the bench for bail on behalf of his clients, on the grounds that, accused was yet to be proven by court with regards to the five counts charge preferred against her, and moreover, accused had reliable and credible who were willing and ready to enter in recognizance on her behalf.

Lawyer Jengo assured the court that, accused would not jump bail or interfere with prosecution witnesses and, she would be always available on every adjourned date as mandated by the Bench.

In her ruling, Magistrate Macauley granted bail to Frances Deoud in the sum of Le5 million, including one surety, who should be a resident in the Freetown Judicial District, and should produce national identity card.

Bail is to be approved by the Deputy Assistant Master and Registrar of the court, and the matter was adjourned to 13 January 2017.