3-Year Old Birth Defect Sufferer Needs Help


‘I have suffered so much in the search for the right treatment for my daughter, but without success’, the young and poor mother said.

She said, she had been to hospitals in various parts of the country in her search for a cure for her daughter, including the Makeni, Bo and Kenema, but without success. 

Balu is grateful to the National Clubfoot Programme for giving her hope after she had already given up on her daughter.

She furthered that ever since she came in contact with the Clubfoot program, they had been very helpful to her and her daughter.

‘Anyone wishing to help save my daughter’s life should do so through the National Clubfoot Program, by calling on the mobile number +23278405222 or contacting the head office at Aberdeen’, she pleaded.

According to the Assistant Counselling Coordinator of the Sierra Leone National Clubfoot Program, Jerry Sevalie, Mabinty Kamara was born with complicated illness which included Clubfoot and Spina Bifida.

He said that they had treated her for Clubfoot repeatedly, but it has kept reoccurring, because of the negative effects of the Spina Bifida she was suffering.

He said the patient will not be healed of the Clubfoot until her Spina Bifida operation has been conducted.

Spina Bifida is form of birth in which a baby’s spinal cord fails to develop properly.

Its effect on Mabinty’s daughter has prevented her from walking and at the same time created swellings in their bodies.

She said, Mabinty is a very beautiful and promising girl, but the illness had made her to look like an elderly woman.

Jerry stressed that, out of the Le 4.5m needed for the operation, they had already raised one million and five hundred thousand leones.

He therefore called on the general public to kindly come to the aid of Mabinty as her operation needed to be done immediately.