He informed that a pharmacy must have toilet, air cooling system, storage facilities and shelves where drugs are kept for easy identifications.

Talking about the requirement of having a standard drugs store, the regional boss pointed out that a pharmacy before its operation the owner/proprietor must possess a degree and a professional head with all the conditions set by the Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone.

Mr. Conteh added that, the Pharmacy Board is making sure that the criteria of most of the Pharmacists within the southern region works in accordance with their act, noting that they are faced with challenges from politicians when executing their job.

He further disclosed that most of the drug stores that are operated by non-specialists shall desist from doing so and therefore strongly advised to work with the act.

He noted that patient drug sellers are grossly flouting Pharmacy Board Act and caution them to work together with the Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone.

He however, refused to name and shame those defaulters for professional reasons adding that those who have not got their registrations with the Pharmacy Board will do so to avoid embarrassment in their operations.