Torrential Rains Left 8 Dead, Some Injured, Valuables Destroyed


The heavy rains on Sunday 28th August, 2022 claimed the lives of 8 people in Freetown.

Five people left injured and hospitalized and properties worth millions of leones destroyed by flash floods and mudslides in parts of the country’s capital. The corpses have been taken to the Connaught mortuary.

The country’s National Disaster Management Agency is advising residents to avoid high-risk areas and relocate to safer areas.

The entire Culvert Community in the capital’s east was swamped by flash floods leaving hundreds homeless including children, women, the aged and people living with disabilities.

The torrential rains left a fence collapsed on a house beneath it resulting in a fatality of an 18-year-old man at Mount Aureol and on Bai Bureh Road, a large tree fell across the road preventing vehicular movements and posed threat to pedestrians.

Authorities have announced +23278388946/+23278096975/+23278303293/+23277291901 and +23276514475 as emergency lines to report fatalities.