Susan B Foundation Boosts Education in Goderich


By Aruna Turay

The Susan B Foundation over the weekend boosted education in Constituency 109 in the Western Area Rural District as she donated school materials including brand new school bags, uniforms, assorted exercise and text books, pens, pencils and geometry sets, among other items to underprivileged pupil within communities in the Constituency.

Founder and Executive Director, Susan-B Foundation, Mrs Susan Fatmata Bundu said she is committed to improve quality education and living standards of the people within the Constituency with special focus on deprived and underprivileged women and children.

Speaking at one of the various the donation ceremonies in deprived communities in Crab town Goderich past Sunday, Mrs Bundu said it is conspicuous that when the educational wellbeing and right of children, women and youth have been neglected, it often led to incidence of dropout of school and conflict.

She described such ugly development as a threat to human resource base, development and that which undermine the full potentials of women, children and youth to make positive contribution to society.

The Founder and Executive Director went on to say access to educational materials to enhance quality education further raises awareness and sensitisation on the human capital development of the state.

She added: “It is my privilege to support my community, by donating school materials to underprivileged children. Supporting my community through the Susan-B Foundation is the cornerstone of my community activism”.

Parents of some of the beneficiaries thanked the Founder and Executive Director and members of the Foundation for thinking of supporting their children’s education.

According to them, this was the first time in the history of their community that such educational help is reaching them, while appealing to the Foundation and other well-meaning Sierra Leoneans to continue to remember them with such gesture.

The Susan – B Foundation is a Non-Profit Organisation based in Sierra Leone that is geared towards protecting and promote human rights through education programs, advocacy, empowerment and development programs, with a focus on women, children and youth. We also engaged in charitable humanitarian services.

Few weeks ago, the Foundation responded a depressed call from fishermen and fishmongers at the Beckham Base in the Goderich community with supports including the donation of bundles of brand new zinc to help construct a resting place for people after their usual long fishing hours.