Julie Tombo Appointed DIFSIL Brand Ambassador


Winner of Housemates Salone Yagba Season 3 Show, Juliana Conteh aka Julie Tombo has been appointed Brand Ambassador for the Dr. Imambay Kamara Global Foundation by the Disabled International Foundation UK/Sierra Leone (DIFSIL).

Julie Tombo wrote on her Facebook page saying: “This is a good accomplishment and a one of the lifetime opportunities”.

Dr Imambay Kamara was recently honoured with the President Joe Biden’s Global Humanitarian Lifetime Achievements.

Dr. Imambay Kamara is the President/Founder for Disabled International Foundation UK/Sierra Leone and also President and Founder of the Dr Imambay Kamara Global Foundation supporting vulnerable women and girls.

She is the International Global Humanitarian Chairperson for Ladies of All Nation International, a philanthropist, a global ambassador for Commonwealth Entrepreneur Club, a Disability Rights Activist, a Women Children Activist and also Campaigning to stop domestic violence against women and girls.