Students’ Parliament Launched Today


The Students Representative Council will today 22nd June, 2022 launch the Students’ Parliament at the University of Makeni (UNIMAK).  

The Parliament has been part of the current students’ government promises to the Students and it will be comprised of Main Class Representatives from the nineteen departments of the University. The representatives will be representing their classes and departments in the decision and law-making body of the Students’ Representative Council. 

Parts of the Parliament’s roles will be to create room for the making of laws which will be binding to the general students body, performing of oversight functions for societal/departmental leadership among others. 

The Deputy Minister of Political and Public Affairs, Mr. Amara Kallon will be serving as Guest Speaker for the event and will be doing the official Launching of the Students Parliament. 

Also, other Administrative staffs from the Sierra Leone House of Parliament will be orientating Parliamentarians regarding this new SRC leadership structure.