Friday, October 7, 2022


Sierra Leoneans May Risk Arrest if they Criticize the Government

By Aruna Turay The Cyber Security and Crime Act 2021 criminalizes online insult, meaning that anyone who feels insulted online could file a criminal report with the police. But in Sierra Leone, criticism of government and government officials is often...

Earthquakes Hit Sierra Leone Ocean Waters

By Ign Amara Salami Kanu and Geol. Peter Rogers Basically, Sierra Leone forms part of the West African Craton, and the Guyana Shield as its counterpart. Therefore, it has two main structural category giving rise to following: (a) The Liberian...
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Sierra Leone Police Detain Lawyer Ady Macauley

The Sierra Leone Police has reportedly detained Ady Macauley - barrister and Solicitor, and former Anti-Corruption Commissioner. The lawyer was...