WARDC Celebrates Litter Bins Provision, But…!!


By Aruna Turay

“Put dorti box nar gutter?”

Residents in the Western Area Rural District Council (WARDC) have celebrated their Council for erecting brand new Litter Bins in densely populated communities within the district.

On the other hand, smart thinkers within the district are condemning the Council for choosing to erect most of these Litter Bins in drainage edges.

Some people who spoke to this reporter last evening before press time say it was a very bad decision by the Council to have chosen to erect the Bins on gutter-mouths.

According to them, the culture of the Council empting Litter Bins in time when they are filled up with garbage is nothing good to write home about.

These smart thinkers anticipate the possibility of these Litter Bins left overloaded with garbage that will overflow into the nearby drainages where they are situated and cause gutter blockages.

It can be recalled that the distribution of the Litter Bins started mainly in the densely populated central town this week.

Residents who spoke to this writer are calling on the Council to effectively monitor workers and ensure these Litter Bins are made free from waste in time and frequently, at least twice every day.

The provision of the Litter Bins according to Council is to make a clean and safe environment within the district.

However, Council has encouraged all residents within the district to make use of the Litter Bins as trash for their garbage.