Tons of Expired Food Discovered in Kabala


By a Correspondent

According to the Health Superintendent at the Kabala District Health Medical Team (DHMT), Benjamin Bangura, a large scale of expired food commodities has been discovered by health inspectors.

He said, as part of their mandate, they are charged with the responsibility of protecting lives by sorting out expired food commodities, he said, food helps us grow and therefore we should always dare not to eat expired food.

He further stated that most sicknesses are directly derived from the expired food one eats, adding that among the expired food consignment includes soft drinks of assorted cans and rubbers, catch up tomatoes and bake beans amongst others.

One among the inspectors Abubakar Koroma sighted that their responsibility is to sensitize the public through environmental health by inspecting market zones, stores, shops and all trading enterprises for food that are not fit for human consumption, saying, through their relentless inspections all those found in possession of expired food commodities will be taking to court for legal action.

The expired food commodities were disposed and burned in a pit at the DHMT complex.