There is Dignity in Labor


A frontpage commentary by a concerned citizen

There was an article in AYV Newspaper on Monday, August 2nd 2021, titled: Unmaking a Mess”. It was refreshing to read the article mentioning the severalFreetown waste management initiatives and acknowledging the individuals who are involved and performing such a critical operations/tasks.

Many thanks to all of you as public health and safety is an absolute necessity. I specifically want to focus on its reference to the multiple services available for garbage collections in the Freetown area.

I was fortunate to meet a young man, Mr. S. Turay who is heavily invested in the program “KlinSalone”. He is dedicated, diligent and regularly collects our trash in our community in the Circular Road and Mend Street


As he performs his tasks, he beams with pride. When I interact with him, he is very respectful, and his nonverbal sense of satisfaction is visible in his smiles.

Yes there is dignity in labor, please help me recognise this young man, Mr. S. Turay for his contributions and dedications to the “KlinSalone” program there by decreasing disaster and disease in our communities in the Freetown area.