NPSE Wahala: Parents Beg Government’s Help


By Aruna Turay

Hundreds of parents who spoke to this reporter over the weekend cried for government’s help to save their children from being school dropouts.

According to the parents, most of the top government secondary schools have insisted in accepting into their JSS One, pupils who score aggregate 300 and above in the just released National Primary Schools Examination (NPSE).

Parents say a good number of the pupils who wrote this year’s NPSE score below aggregate 300 and that should government fail to intervene now and negotiate with the school authorities to drop down their intake requirements, hundreds of pupils will be dropped out of school. “Majority of pupils who wrote this year’s NPSE in the school where my 3 children are attending scores between aggregates 230 and 280. My daughter enters for top girls’ school in Freetown but scores aggregate 280 and the School is requesting aggregate 300 and above,” a parent, Fatmata Mansaray told this writer; while begging government through the Ministry of Education to get these schools to reduce their entry requirement