Mabang Ferry Accident Victims Rescued


Calm has returned to Mabang community following a very hectic day of search for its residents and other travellers drifted away by the sea after a terrible accident.

It can be recalled that in the early hours of Wednesday 21st July, 2021, the Mabang Ferry drifted away with 2 vehicles and passengers on board.

Eyewitnesses say the rope holding the ferry across both ends of the river broke and the ferry was drifted away.

Community members together with some of the drivers and commuters present immediately mounted rescue efforts. Fortunately, all the passengers were rescued, despite ferry workers sustained injuries. 

Later in the day, the company working on the Mabang Bridge, CSE intervened and brought the ferry ashore together with the vehicles that were on board.

Meanwhile, CSE has opted to mount the ferry out of the river today so that maintenance work can be done. Member of Parliament for Constituency 94, Hon. Amadu Kanu has already bought the rope to be installed following the repairs on the ferry