Legal Actions Await Africanist Press


Sources close to the corridors of State House in Freetown have informed this writer that some senior state officials in the New Direction led Government of Sierra Leone have contracted the services of their legal teams to file a litigation against the Africanist Press and its team for defaming, libelling and slandering their reputations.

The Africanist Press has been lately put on the line for publishing what many people have described as ‘Dirty Data’, an uncleaned and unverified data or information and circulated on Social Media.

Many say such data cannot be relied upon as evidence to prove alleged corruption acts. This is what Africanist Press has been using to libel, defame and slander senior state officials including the First Lady Mrs. Fatima Bio and the Chief Minister Professor David Francis.

In research, auditing and other fields of endeavor, data or information are verified, cleaned, processed and certified for public use.

The information now being circulated on social media as proof of acts of corruption by the state officials are waste products referred to as Dirty Data.