Kingtom 161KV Substation Goes on Maintenance


The Ministry of Energy has informed that the Electricity Generation and Transmission Company (EGTC) in collaboration with Webuild (formally called Salini), the O&M Contractor for the Operations and Maintenance of Bumbuna Hydroelectric Power Plant and Transmission Systems has embarked on a series of upgrade activities at the Kingtom 161KV Substation in Freetown.

According to the ministry, the objective of this upgrade is to improve on the reliability, sustainability, coordination and protection systems at the Kingtom 161KV Substation.

The ministry, together with its utility companies (EDSA and EGTC) states that during this upgrade, shedding of electricity supply will commence due to the limited available power capacity for the time being in order to smoothly carry out the upgrade successfully.

The general public is therefore assured that during this period, power would be distributed evenly to customers without fair or favor.

The Ministry of Energy will continue exploring all avenues to ensuring that it fulfills statutory commitment to providing affordable and reliable electricity for every Sierra Leonean.