From selling charcoal to serving in the air force


A university graduate in Zambia has found work in the air force, after he spent years selling charcoal because jobs were so scarce.

BwalyaKatongo graduated from the University of Zambia with a degree in Library and Information Studies in 2015 then tried in vain to get a formal job despite sending countless applications.

But after appearing on my YouTube channel last year where he shared his plight, the Zambia Air Force offered Mr Katongo a job.

Last Friday, he was officially commissioned as a second lieutenant after six months of training.

He told me how happy he was.

“It’s a great feeling, but challenging as well because it comes with a lot of responsibilities. I never imagined my story would be this big when it went viral. “My advice to fellow youths is never lose hope. Take a step out of your comfort zone when things are not going your way. If I didn’t start selling charcoal, I wouldn’t have met people who have changed my life,” he said