Freetown City Council Promotes Cable Car


Freetown City Council is promoting the Cable Car as a sustainable form of public transport to address the travel demand across the city.

The Cable Car will provide a green, efficient, safe and fast mode of transport, linking the hard-to-reach hillside communities around Freetown to the CBD.

Over the past 12 months, the Council’s in-house team supported by a leading Cable Car manufacturer has undertaken a pre-feasibility on the suitability of the cable car as a mode of transport to serve the city.

The study concluded that the project presented a good business case for private sector investment based on current travel demand and land use patterns along the selected routes.

FCC has faced challenges with accessing the funding that was initially earmarked for the full feasibility study. We are now in the process of developing applications for alternative funding to prepare the project for private sector financing.

FCC is working with the EPA, the Green Climate Fund, the World Bank, and the C40 Cities Facilities to undertake more detailed assessments of the technical, environmental and social impact of the project.

We currently envisage that works on the pilot route should commence on site within 18-24 months-time if no additional delays are experienced.

For more information about the proposed Freetown Cable Car system, please watch this webinar on the subject.