FCC Boosts 200 Women Farmers


Credit: FCC Communications

We are thrilled to expand our Urban Farming initiative to an additional 200 women-headed households in Ojuku Junction and Kamayama! This has been done with funding from UN Habitat and implementation through CRS, FEDURP (the Slum Dwellers Association) and COHDISAPA.

Designed as part of FCC’s COVID-19 preparedness and response plan, the 200 beneficiaries are provided with farming tools, planting boxes, seeds, training and mentoring. The initiative will enable household food production, improving the nutritional status of women and children. Excess food grown can be sold, providing a revenue source for beneficiaries.

11th June 2020 expansion of Urban Farming support to 200 women builds on our existing Urban Farming support extended in November 2020 to 300 women in the Bottom Oku, Kaningo and Tree Planting communities and funded by the EU. We can go beyond external funding and do more for our residents and our city.