AYV Media Empire: Condolence message on the death of MRS. SYLVIA EDITHA JOLLIMINAH BLYDEN, aged 76 years, who passed away on Tuesday 22nd June 2021 at the Choithrams Hospital in Freetown.


On behalf of everyone at AYV in Sierra Leone and international, we offer our deepest condolences to the Edward Babatunde Blyden and S.A.J. Pratt Families, and the entire community of friends and sympathisers at this time.
Mrs. Sylvia Jolliminah Blyden was a great friend, mentor and supporter of AYV. She was our grandma.
Mrs. Sylvia Jolliminah Blyden lived a life of extraordinary public service and has been a source of huge inspiration in our lives.
Mrs. Sylvia Jolliminah Blyden was a person with a good heart who will do anything for anybody and she contributed greatly to charitable causes in our community.
We at AYV International are extremely honoured and fortunate in the interest Mrs Blyden took in the work of the AYV Media Empire and her engagement with so many of our programmes over the years. She will be remembered with great affection, gratitude and respect.
Our thoughts and prayers are with Mrs. Sylvia Jolliminah Blyden’s children – Pastor Babsy Kaye, Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden, Cheryl Omotunde Blyden, Athanasius & Elsa Babatunde Blyden, Theo Dansa Kamara, Lawrence Santigie Sesay, grand-children and relatives and friends at home and abroad in this time of grief.
Mrs. Sylvia Jolliminah Blyden was such an incredible person who will be deeply missed.
May the soul of MRS. SYLVIA JOLLIMINAH BLYDEN rest in perfect peace. Amen.


Ambassador Anthony Navo, Jnr.
AYV Media Empire

Dr. Eziekel Kelvin Duramany-Lakkoh
Managing Director AYV Media Empire Sierra Leone

Mr Messeh Leone
AYV International
United Kingdom