Traffic Lights to Boost Salone Economy


According to the business consultant, economic development is through unique initiatives or standard modifications to existing business ventures. He said our country lacks the dominance of indigenous investments for which our vulnerable economy is at the mercy of foreign investors, but said with local concerted efforts and righteousness; Sierra Leoneans will have the might to reclaim our economy.

Speaking further, Sulaiman Bah said the Local Content Policy will only be realized through more local investments, but security and protection by the central government for the local business community is key for that goal to be actualized. “As a young man, my vision is to make Traffic Lights help fellow youths reach a successful destination” the investor said, adding that, the dependency syndrome “bra u borbor dae” is a major factor denying young in our country from becoming self-boss.

He concluded that Traffic Lights investment packages will be rolled out soon for Sierra Leone and her friends. Traffic Lights he also said is open to partnership with other well-meaning investors in the country.