Sierra Fishing Company Provides Quality Products To Consumers



It is quite clear that, the Sierra Fishing Company is very keen on responding to its cooperate social responsibility by providing assistance to various social groups in the dockyard community including the construction of a mosque, tap systems and normally provides food and financial assistance to over a thousand Muslims in that community and beyond.


The company has operated in Sierra Leone for over four decades with a nice and exemplary track record and has assisted greatly in capacitating the country’s workforce within its operational environment.

Explaining the success and challenges of the company since its inception, the General Manager, Bassem .J Mohamed disclosed that his fishing industry is documented in the annals of the country for it cooperating and working in consonance with the country’s ministry responsibility for the certification of fishing companies to trade in Sierra Leones territorial waters. 

Bassem .J.  Mohamed informed African Young Voices that, his company has the most standard cool rooms and other facilities required of a fishing company to preserve it fish and other sea food products, adding that he has employed over one hundred Sierra Leoneans to various departments in the industry.

According to him, his company is one of the local companies that has and continues to contribute immensely towards creating job opportunities for youths and also promoting them to various higher positions within the company,


He stated that Sierra Fishing Company has also contributed immensely towards the efforts of government, civil society organizations, the media including international community and it medical teams in the eradication of Ebola Virus in the country. 

“In other to march international standards and procedures Sierra Fishing Company has constructed additional administrative structure with modernized cool rooms and at the same time provides quality service it customers and consumers in the country,” Bassem stated.

He said his staff welfare is a top most priority of his company and that worker rights are protected and encouraged to give their best and as well elevated to deserving positions within the company and promised for an improved condition of service for workers.

Staff of the company this press interviewed maintained that the company’s General Manager, Bassem Mohamed has been very dynamic and development-oriented character and takes no delight and pleasure in seeking the welfare of workers at the Sierra Fishing Company.