“Put on your thinking hats”, New PMDC Chairman urges



The new Chairman of the PMDC in North America, legal heavyweight Baimba Kamara(photo) has called on the membership of his party to pool their human and financial resources together to realize the party’s vision of capturing power in 2007.

Dr. Baimba, a Texas lawyer, told the PMDC stalwarts Saturday May 27 in Maryland that the “PMDC road map” is at the moment only “ideas wedged in our brains” which cannot be realised without the resources to win elections.

“We need commitment and money to navigate the road map to freedom for our people. Therefore I call upon your commitment tonight even more than it has been”, Baimba said.

The new PMDC chairman urged his audience to put on their thinking hats and come up with ideas, do more networking, and reach out to neighbours, friends and family.

He also told the PMDC members who came from all over the United States to to open up their wallets “for a noble cause to free our people from bondage”.

Elected together with Dr. Baimba were the new Vice Chairman Mr. Stephen Gaojia, Tejan Savage (Secretary General), Ibrahim Sheriff (Assistant Secretary General), Aminata Jabbie(Financial Secretary) and Momoh Vandi (Treasurer).

Other members of the executive are Karamoh Kabbah (Director of Communication), Cillaty Daboh (Organizing Secretary), Varfie Sheriff (Publicity Secretary), Teresa Ofong( Women’s Leader) and Sidie Tunis(Youth Leader).