Principal Takes Schoolboy to Court


Police further alleged that the accused person posted certain materials on Facebook using abusive language against the complainant with intent to provoke her to breach the peace.

The accused person, Alie Francis Allian Mansaray is said to have committed the offences against Mrs. Ophelia Morrison, Principal of Annie Wash Memorial Secondary School on 11 July 2018 within the Freetown Judicial District of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

According to the Particulars of Offence the accused person posted a certain material on Face book, way back on 29 June 2018, claiming that he had sex with the said Mrs. Ophelia Morrison and referred to her as a nasty, intoxicated woman.

The charge sheet revealed that the accused person claimed on Facebook that he had enjoyed sex with Mrs. Ophelia Morrison and her vagina sweet.

The accused person further posted on Facebook that he did not blame the complainant, nor is he bothered about her big vagina.

However, the accused person Alie Francis Allian Mansaray pleaded guilty to the second charge which is Insulting Conduct.

In her testimony, the complainant, Mrs. Ophelia Morrison informed the well-attended court session that she recognized the accused person, and that on 23 March 2018, she was on duty at the Annie Walsh Memorial Secondary School, when she received information from her daughter, Ophelia Morrison about the said posting on Facebook.

She went on to inform the court that she checked for the said material posted against her, and that she then wasted no time to report the incident at the Criminal Investigation Department headquarter at Pademba Road in Freetown.

The complainant, Mrs. Ophelia Morrison further testified that she felt bad about the material posted of her on Facebbook, more so as the said posting was not only demoralizing, but material which dented and dragged her dignity and respect to the mud.

The matter was prosecuted by Inspector Fatmata Kuyateh and Magistrate Santigie Bangura adjourned the matter to 2 August 2018 for further hearing.