NPPA Chief Says He Will Go By the Book!


“If we are to breakthrough in our role as regulators, we must be able to discipline ourselves internally so that we can be taken seriously,” Swarray said.He further disclosed that, he knows where the challenges lie as a Senior Procurement Officer and promised that with his appointment he will ensure that those challenges are addressed, noting that he will also ensure a high level of transparency and accountability prevails in all procurement activities which form the basic pillars of the New Direction.

He added that, the country relies heavily on the NPPA as a regulatory institution ensuring that there is value for money in procurement activities.

“I shall ensure that we meet the constitutional provision which stipulates that the NPPA tables in Parliament its annual performance evaluation report for all MDAs in the country,” Swarray said.He added that, as a way of improving the legal and regulatory framework of the NPPA, they shall update the procurement manual to reflect the changes in the Act and Regulations; ensure clarity of the procurement process while incorporating best practice approaches that take into consideration value for money, accountability and transparency.