NATCOM tends to reduce internet charges


Momoh Konte reiterated that if the cost happened to be the same after the aforementioned date, he will definitely arrange the internet tariff to meet the standard cost compared to other countries, like the republic of Guinea and Liberia.

“As a regulator in the country we should be between the people and telecommunication operators” Momoh Konte emphasized.

He confirmed that few months ago, his commission together with mobile operators unanimously agreed to increase price on mobile tariff with the agreement that telecommunication operators should improve on their respective services; but if they fail to comply his commission would reinstate the previous Four Hundred and Ten Leones per minute tariff.

The NATCOM boss stated that mobile operators agreed to improve on the quality of mobile services within four month upon the increment of the tariff, adding that the agreement had almost ended.

According to him, the agreement was specifically meant to regulate leading mobile companies in the country, and the urgent need for them to upgrade their mobile networks, in consonance with international telecommunication standards, cannot be over emphasised.

He further cautioned some media practitioners to desist from writing negative articles about his institution and mobile operators, as the operators were business people and their facilities had stimulated different businesses in various part of the country.