Marcella Samba is New CGG Chief



Ms Edwin while handing over to Mrs Sesay commended her for her dedicated serve to CGG and her worthy and exemplary representation of the organization in various forums both national and international, and she was sure that she will contribute immensely and move the organization forward. CGG has grown over the years and Mrs Sesay has contributed to that greatly. She encouraged her to be steadfast and continue to work with the values CGG is known for, that has kept its respect and integrity over the years.

The Board of Directors at CGG thanked Mrs Sesay for taking up the appointment, and stressed they believe she is the best person to lead the organization after Ms Edwin stepped down, and they thanks Ms Edwin for her service to the organization and praised her for her good work in bringing CGG to this point, and the board believes Mrs Sesay will do her best and continue where her predecessor left off.

Mrs Samba Sesay is also the current Chairperson of National Election Watch, which CGG is also a strategic member, and there were concerns of how she will handle the management of these two giants CSO institutions. Mrs Sesay assured all that she will handle both responsibilities effectively as she is up to the task, and she added that she has strong teams and colleagues both at CGG and NEW she is working with and she is positive they will work. And support her to realize the values of both organizations.

People I spoke to on this issue remain upbeat and sure Marcella will deliver and bring the best to CGG, as she has already demonstrated in her leadership at NEW a coalition with over 400 organizations.

Sierra Leoneans and CGG partners wish you well Mrs Marcella Samba Sesay, in your new appointment as Executive Director of Campaign for Good Governance.