Lands Minister Rescues LXG



According to the Minister who has taken over the management of the LXG musical group, he decided to come to the aid of the group because he discovered natural talent being displayed by the group. He said the LXG musical group has the talent that it takes to explore the world musically. He confessed that he has never admired any musical group as the LXG in Sierra Leone. Musa Tarawally pointed out that he will stop at nothing till the boys reach international standard. He recounted that when Nigerian and Ghaian music started infiltrating deeply in the music arena of Sierra Leone, it took the LXG group to put a stop to it musically.

He said the music played by the group can be compared to those played by the Nigerian s and Ghaians. The Minister intimated that the music industry is one of the largest entities that have employed uncountable youths in the country.

According to the group’s leading vocalist, engineer and producer, Johnson Walker who is known as “Nigga Don”, they are extremely appreciative of the fact that the Minister has decided to manage them. He pointed out that the Minister’s intervention is a sign of hope for the music industry in the country.

He went on to state that they have the talent and will continue to use their talents to sell the country positively through music and entertain the people across the globe.