LAB on SDG Goal 16 Implementation



Ms. Carlton-Hancles was given the opportunity to make a brief statement on the work of the Legal Aid Board in implementing Goal 16 of the Sustainable Development Goals through the promotion of access to Justice in every corner of the country. She emphasized how the Board is working with the Ministry of Development and Economic Planning and partners in implementing Goal 16.

The New Deal Country Team comprising the Sierra Lone Association of Non-Government Organization (SLANGO), Democracy and Development Associates – Sierra Leone (DADA-SL) and other civil society organizations agreed to showcase the work of the Legal Aid Board as the success stories in the implementation of Goal 16 of the Sustainable Development Goals in Sierra Leone.

The stakeholders in the New Deal comprising governments, civil society and donors will participate in a showcase at the Sierra Leone Labour Congress Solidarity Hall on Wednesday, October 17. They will see the Legal Aid Board at work by visiting one of its satellite Offices – the Community Advisory Bureau at Grassfield in Lumley.

They will also visit one of the partners of the Board, the Sierra Leone Youth Development and Child Link which provides support to youths injecting drugs including female sex workers. These are among key populations benefiting from a projected implemented by the Board with funding from Global Fund/National HIV/AIDS Secretariat.