Heavy Flood Divides Binkolo and Bumbuna



The road was completely cut off vehicular and pedestrian traffic and residents and visitors of both towns are now forced to use the Magburaka route via Mbonto to Bumbuna axis which according to many people, especially poor businessmen and women, is very much challenging and costly to use.

Binkolo is a rural town in Bombali district in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone. It is a home to over 13,867 residents and majority of its population is from the Limba ethnic group.

The town is the birthplace of Sierra Leone’s second President, His Excellency Joseph Saidu Momoh (Late).

Like Binkolo, Bumbuna is also in the northern province of the country, with over 3,222 residents. It is situated about 183 kilometer east of Freetown, the country’s capital city.

Bumbuna is a town in the central of Tonkolili district and its areas in and around Bumbuna is extremely rich in iron ore and is home to Bumbuna Dam, the largest hydroelectric power station in the country.

It lies about 30 miles from the district capital of Magburaka and approximately 124 miles (by road) northeast of Freetown.

The need for an urgent intervention from relevant authorities, including the leadership of the New Direction government of President Dr. Julius Maada Bio to reconnect these two important town has been the everyday ‘sleep and wake’ calls of the residents.