Deputy Finance Minister Calls for More Investors



Addressing the conference of over eighty (80) African Ministerial-level officials including twenty four (24) foreign Ministers, the Deputy Minister presented Sierra Leone as a place for credible investments. She said the country has opportunities that encourage businesses. Stating that, the private sector is a hub for economic stability and growth in every nation.

Speaking on the readiness, credibility and willingness of the Government to promote the private sector, she said the Government has made the registration of business so easy that one can register his/her business in Sierra Leone from any part in the world and in 24 hours.

“To maintain transparency, credibility and protection for your investments and to tell how committed we are in protecting your investments, the President himself is serving as Chair of our country’s investment board while our Vice President is the deputy chair. She added.

The conference which focuses on African-China relationship will end with more than Forty (40) bilateral and multilateral activities to deliver more benefits to Africans and the People’s Republic of China.