Cricket Premier League Off to Flying Start


In a snap interview with AYV Sports, Fancis Trevor Samura CEO of the Cricket Association said: “This year’s opening ceremony marks the official opening of the T20 Men’s Cricket Premier League. We will use this opportunity to give medals, awards and trophies to previous individual players who participated in the 2018 season.” He added that they recognize the roles and contributions sponsors have played in the development of Cricket, and so they will give them something in appreciation of their vigorous support towards the game. He also said that individuals who have immensely played a part in the development of Cricket in the country would also receive recognition.

The presentations, he went on, would cover the 2018 T20 Cricket League, the 2019 ODI Youth Cricket League that concluded last week and also the T20 Women’s Cricket League that concluded three weeks ago. Climax of the launching was the unveiling of the 2019 Mercury T20 Premier League Trophy.

Midwest Cricket Club team manager Daniel Koroma, champions in the just- concluded Youth League, intimated AYV Sports that they are well prepared for the new season, as they are the team that has more youthful players.

“In the 2018 T20 Men’s League, Asian Lions emerged as the champions, whilst Midwest Cricket Club ended as runners-up, and the just-concluded Youth League, my team Midwest Cricket Club emerged as the champions, and I can tell you that Midwest will definitely win this year’s league,” Daniel Koroma boasted.

Ismeal Kargbo a player of Regent Olympics Cricket team expressed his excitement to play in this year’s league for the first time. “I am a bat-man, and I feel very excited to play in this year’s league for the very first time. I want to be the highest scorer in Cricket for Sierra Leone in future,” Kargbo said.

The opening ceremony was very colorful, and well-attended and organized with Cricket loving fans from all walks of life gracing the occasion. Medals and trophies were given to deserving individuals, players and sponsors.