Constituency 043, Wara Wara Bafodiya bye- election result out; APC – 3,591 Votes, SLPP – 2,641 Votes


Provisional results announced by the National Electoral Commission (NEC) have it that of forty-three Constituencies and twenty-five polling centers reported, Mansaray Hamidu Holla of the APC won 3,591 votes representing 54.89%, SLPP’s Mansaray Ansu Borboh won 2,641 votes representing 42.75% and Mansaray Daniel Marie of the National Grand Coalition (NGC) won 146 votes representing 2.36% respectively.

It can be recalled that the election to fill the vacant parliamentary seat came following the death of former Member of Parliament (MP), the Late Honourable Eskimo Mansaray who was occupying the seat.